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For more than 40 years Joseph Bell and Collectors Armoury of Culver City have served discerning collectors and dealers of fine antique arms and armour from America, Europe, and Japan. All of our pieces are guaranteed genuine as described. You can buy with confidence at Collectors.

Antiques by Era: Medieval, Ancient Japan and Civil War

ur selection of antique Japanese, Islamic, ethnic, Medieval, and American Civil War collectibles is unmatched in Southern California. We offer personal attention in a friendly museum atmosphere and free verbal appraisals. We are buyers at all major arms auctions and will always pay you fair market prices for your antique arms and armor, from samurai swords to flintlock rifles and Medieval armor. Whether it’s browsing our unique collection, or buying, selling, or trading, Collectors Armoury of Culver City is proud to serve your collecting needs with our unmatched expertise and more than 4 decades of experience.

Products and services

Antique Guns

 At Collectors Armoury in Los Angeles, CA, we have all manner of guns from all different eras, so we are sure you will find the perfect piece to add to an ongoing collection or to begin a new one. Inquire about our antique guns now to find a great piece for your collection!

Civil War - We have all manner of American Civil War antiques for sale. We have everything from Civil War muskets to flintlock rifles, pistols, and revolvers, and a number of other Civil War collectibles to add to your military antiques collection.

Antique Swords

We keep all of our antique swords carefully stored so that they remain in the finest condition for our customers. You can shop with peace of mind knowing that the items are in their absolute best condition at Collectors Armoury in Los Angeles, CA. 

Antique Japanese Swords - The antique samurai sword is our most popular. We have an abundance to choose from to fit any preference, with everything from the koto katana to the fuchi kashira and the tsuba. These magnificent swords are a wonder to look at and would make for a special gift, either for yourself or for a loved one.

Islamic and Eastern Swords - We have the largest collection of Islamic and Eastern swords in California. These types of swords are not seen as often as others, so if you are looking for one, we are the place to keep in mind.

Antique Armor

t Collectors Armoury in Los Angeles, CA, we have made it our goal to have all kinds of armor options for our customers. 

Helmets - Our largest armor collection is our collection of helmets. We have helmets from various time periods to suit whatever style you prefer most. We can show you how to store them and properly clean them so that they remain in great condition for as long as possible. 

Suits of Armor - Finding an entire suit of armor for sale is almost impossible, but we have it. Although they are expensive, we know that every serious armor collector dreams of owning one. We can make this dream come true right now!

Gauntlets and Chainmail - We have a wide selection of gauntlets and chain mail for our customers to enjoy. They have all been carefully maintained so that they do not lose their shine, and we have been very careful to date them accurately. 

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